Free beer alert: Get free Brooklyn Brewery at the Bedford and Bowery Bazaar tomorrow

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Yeah, that could get us to Manhattan. via Facebook

So summer is ending and we’re all sad about it. If only there were some way we could drink our way out of (or deeper into) our sadness and not spend that much money on it. Oh wait, what’s that, over the bridge, in the mysterious kingdom known as “the Lower East Side?” A free bazaar that will have free Brooklyn Brewery beer at 6:30pm tomorrow? Our dreams have been answered!

So, yes, it does mean going to Manhattan. But if you can do that without breaking out in hives or having a panic attack that causes you to scream curses at people uncontrollably (lucky you), then the Bedford + Bowery Bazaar at the Hester Street Fair could be fun. It’s basically going to be a North Brooklyn outpost anyway, B + B’s favorite vendors hawking their Brooklyn-y wares, including a guy who’ll turn your old t-shirt into a hat! Plus Greenpoint’s new mega beer bar Torst will be serving up beers. Which, again, will be free courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery at 6:30pm. Then you’ll feel brave enough to dance to tunes spun by DJs the Bossa Nova Civc Club, and you’ll also probably forget how bummed you are about the end of summer.

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