Free batteries to save your life, courtesy of the FDNY, this week only

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Daylight savings time is coming! What are you going to do with your extra hour of daylight? Just spend it watching TV? Makes sense, it’s still really cold out. Whatever you do, don’t forget to set your clock forward so that you don’t so something embarrassing like show up to work an hour early. Also, the FDNY wants to remind you to not do something embarrassing like not have working batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. And they’ll help with that all this week by giving you free batteries.
You know your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, those things that kept beeping until you took the batteries out. You probably shouldn’t have done that, since it’s kind of a risk. And since you can’t find everything at the Brooklyn Free Store, the FDNY will be all over Brooklyn, handing out batteries as part of the Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries program, at the following locations:

March 6
Target, 139 Flatbush Ave., 12-4 pm

March 7
Kings Plaza Mall, 5100 Kings Plaza, 2-8 pm
Target, 139 Flatbush Ave., 4-8 pm
Corner of Lee Avenue & Williamsburg Street East, 12-4 pm
Corner of 13th Ave & 53rd St., 12-4 pm
Corner of Ave L & Coney Island Ave., 12-4 pm

March 8
Coney Island Terminal, Corner of Stillwell Avenue & Mermaid Avenue, 4-6 pm
Broadway Junction Complex, Jamaica Avenue & Fulton Street, 4-6 pm
Crown Heights, Utica Avenue & Eastern Parkway train station, 4-6 pm

March 9
Target, 139 Flatbush Ave., 12-6 pm
Kings Plaza Mall, 5100 Kings Plaza, 12-6 pm

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