Citi Bike is free today, courtesy of Switzerland

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You won’t have to pay a dime. Or a euro. Photo by Mary Dorn

When it comes to foreign exchange around here, the Sweden to Brooklyn connection has proven to be the most fruitful one for both parties involved, with breweries, bars and trips building a bridge between Europe and Real America. Switzerland has seen this lovefest happening and must have been saying “Was zur Hölle?” to themselves, because they’re looking to get New Yorkers’ affections with a very large gesture: a day of free Citi Bike rides, entirely on them next Thursday.

According to a press release we just got, the National Tourism Office of Switzerland will cover every Citi Bike ride you take on Thursday, May 14. No need to grab a card or remember a code or anything, you’ve just gotta swipe your card like you normally would at any (allegedly fixed up) Citi Bike station and a 24-hour pass will be yours. Of course, the $101 credit card hold and late fees for riding more than 30 minutes will still be in place because the Swiss Confederation know without them the bikes would never be returned. This isn’t a country made up of a bunch of goobers who were born yesterday.

Presumably in return, Switzerland would like you to visit or at least consider visiting, but’d like a few more free things from them before we commit to it. Maybe if they hit the streets and just start handing out chocolate, we can be convinced.

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