Fort Greene is getting a late-night falafel bar

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Here, pre-game with some apropos food porn. (Via Flickr user yosoynuts.)

Pining for pita in Downtown Brooklyn after you’ve spent a night at drinking in culture (and wine) at BAM? Fear not, falafel addicts: you’re getting your own spot in Fort Greene, and it’s got all the fixings for you right near home. According to Fort Greene Focus, the new spot will be taking over the empty storefront at 711 Fulton Street, and will feature six different types of balls. Oh thank heaven.

The joint is called Falafel Brothers, and FGF tells us we can expect their grand opening in about a month. They’re slated to boast a vegan-friendly menu, a reasonable price tag ($7 for a sammie & drink) and most importantly they’ll be open past 10pm, which are the optimal falafel-eating hours anyway. We’re not sure exactly how sacrilegious it is to offer “flavors” on falafel balls, let alone a half-dozen of ’em. But it kinda sounds like the Sixteen Handles of falafel! Especially since there’s going to be all that great cold salad stuff you can throw on top.

We’re looking forward to this healthy(ish) version of cart food in the neighborhood, which as it stands is sorely missing a good Middle Eastern/less-than-my-paycheck dining spot.¬†Everything will, of coooouuurse, be organic. Because it wouldn’t be a new joint in Brooklyn if everything weren’t organic, right? What is this, the 80s?

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