You can make $75 an hour by volunteering for focus groups – just in time for the holidays

Fill out your thoughts on some focus group topics and you can walk away with some easy cash.

The department store’s soundtracks don’t lie: the holidays are coming. As the holiday season kicks into gear in the coming weeks, we all begin to feel the impending doom that’s about to wreak havoc upon our bank accounts. We all hope to buy gifts for everyone on our lists without having to sacrifice rent money. But our bank accounts might not be on the same page. Don’t give up on your holiday goals just yet, because there’s a super easy way to score some serious spending cash this season.

Hundreds of companies are on the lookout for consumer critiques on their products and ready to pay a pretty penny for them. So they come to other companies such as Focus Pointe Global to conduct their focus groups on anything from television shows, new products, and even, our personal favorite, food taste tests. You can score $75 for a one-hour focus group. That translates to you, making a bunch of cash, for just telling companies what you think of their products or watching a new show (and sometimes even getting to try some new free food). Here’s how to get involved: 

Log on to FocusGroup.com you can create a free profile and then browse all the available studies, pick one that interests you the most, take a little screener survey, and then wait for them to call you with the details of where to meet! Also, be sure to like their Facebooks pages to see updates on our newest studies before they fill up.

Find out more about studies in New York City and New Jersey (Teaneck).

Some upcoming studies they have scheduled for the next few weeks are:
Paid Taste Test in New York for food products. If you love food and want to make an easy $75 for just 30 minutes this might be the gig you’ve been dreaming of and can follow this link to take their pre-screen survey.

Another Paid Taste Test that you can get involved in in New York is for people ages 25-44, on the topic of Beverages. You can score $75 for a hour focus group and then, if selected for another 90-minute breakout session, you’ll earn an additional $100. That’s a lot of funding to put to your own snack stash so click here to see if you qualify.

They also have another upcoming focus group, you can access here, where you simply talk about your cable service provider (Time Warner, Optimum, Xfinity, etc.) and give you opinions on them. They need participants 18 and older for only two hours to make a pay rate of $50 per hour. Come and chat about cable TV, and earn a cool $100 to pay for your cable bill (or a new pair of shoes, no one’s judging).

It’s super easy, and the most fun you’ll ever have earning a ton of spending cash. All you have to do to get started is follow the links above to signup and start earning some serious treat yourself money to make this year’s holiday’s one for the record books.

Also, follow them on Twitter and Instagram and be on the lookout for some giveaway posts (like $50 Restaurant.com gift cards).”


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