Be the First Person in Your Neighborhood to Drive a car2go

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On Saturday, October 25, as you emerge from your apartments to go to brunch or shop at the farmer’s market, you may start to see a strange sight on the streets of Brooklyn. Those tiny new cars you’ll see parked everywhere don’t mean that your neighborhood has suddenly become gentrified by hobbits — they’re the first sign that car2go has come to Brooklyn.

These compact wonders are fun to drive, easy to park, and have extremely low CO2 emissions. They’re perfect for all sorts of city trips: errands, shopping, commuting, a quick, one-way trip across town. Live in Williamsburg and you want to meet up with friends at Union Hall in Park Slope? Need to go to Home Depot to pick up supplies for your Prospect Heights apartment? Itching to go for a run along the Shore Parkway in Bay Ridge? Just grab a car and go.

Want to try it for free? All you need is a car2go membership and you’ll be ready to find a car in your vicinity, drive where you want, and at the end of your trip, leave the car it parked in a legal space anywhere in your home area. For a limited time, signing up for a membership is free, and comes with 30 minutes of free driving. Since there is no monthly membership fee — you only pay for the minutes you drive — that’s basically a free chance to try driving one of these stylish car2go cars for yourself.

Check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking. Sign up now while it’s still free (Promo code: BKLYN), and get 30 minutes of free driving!


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