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Anyone who has tried knows finding an apartment in Brooklyn is a full-time job. All you want is a livable neighborhood, decent rent, sane, responsible roommates, and a landlord who treats you like a human being. Simple requests, but damn near unattainable. And you’re totally on your own. That is, unless you get Roomeze to help.

Roomeze is a new tech startup that is making the Brooklyn apartment search a breeze. All you do is make a profile about yourself and choose an apartment from their hundreds of listings. Roomeze finds compatible roommates, guides you through applying and signing your lease, and makes sure you’re happy with your new setup. And they do it for just a hundred bucks.


Find a roommie who also loves plaster animal heads. Or whatever your interests are.
Find a roommie who also loves plaster animal heads …or whatever your interests are.

You no longer need to scour vague, miscategorized Craigslist posts. With Roomeze you can search by price and location with apartments plotted on a map. All listings show rents per room, apartment amenities, and distance to the nearest train station. Plus you get virtual apartment tours, making it easy to decide whether you want to check them out in person. You can even view the profiles of people who have already deposited on rooms in an apartment. When you do find an apartment you like, Roomeze will help set up a visit. Easy!

But your ideal apartment isn’t worth a dime if you can’t stand your roommates. Roomeze fixes that. You no longer have to waste time interviewing strangers just to learn they’re awful from the get-go. Expert Roommate Matchmakers connect you with like-minded people you’ll love to live with, ensuring your new home is great from day one.


Don't shed no tears.
Don’t shed no tears.

But Roomeze doesn’t vanish after you sign your lease. ‘Round-the-clock support is there if you have a problem. And the $100 Roomeze Protection insurance lets you move out within 60 days of your lease start date, no questions asked. Roomeze will find you a new room and someone to take your old spot. No other broker gives you this kind of support.

The Brooklyn apartment search is no longer a solitary struggle. Roomeze makes finding, signing and designing the room of your dreams easy. Don’t go it alone; get the Roomeze safety net and be supported every step of the way.

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