Find the best apple pie AND the best mac and cheese in Brooklyn, and 12 other ways to enjoy the weekend

Yep, that is certainly mac and cheese. via The Awl

1. Find the soul of America at the Distiller CMJ showcase. If you’re looking for the soul of Amercia, try your local Romney/Ryan rally. (Friday)

2. Swap some art supplies and drunkenly draw pictures of each other at Bedford Hill. Odds are they’ll still come out better than our crude stick figures would. (Friday)

3. TAB the band: better than TAB the soda? Only one way to find out! Although the answer is almost definitely “yes.” (Friday)

4. Go to New York’s oldest house for Halloween. Don’t forget the Ouija board or your proton packs. (Saturday)

5. Princess the Cat is undoubtedly the strangest thing we’ve ever recommended, but sometimes you just have to say, “Screw it, when has Freddy’s ever led me wrong?” (Saturday)

6. Oh, so you think your crew has pumpkin carving skills? Well get to steppin’ at Crest then. (Saturday)

7. It’s your last chance to catch the sight of food trucks as far as the eye can see at Grand Army Plaza, until next summer at least. :( (Sunday)

8. Now that the mayor has his own Super PAC (seriously, this guy), talk about the Quixotic goal of getting big money out of politics. (Sunday)

9. Go to Gowanus, where they’re giving away more trees than you can shake a stick at. But don’t actually bring the stick, that’s some tree’s brother, man. (Sunday)

10. The Brooklyn Curry Experiment will definitely go smoother than our experiments playing God and trying to bring an eggplant to life. (Sunday)

11. Man, these apple pie wars get more and more brutal every year. But also more delicious. (Sunday)

12. Head doooowwwwnnnn to the chicken farm. Unlike the Dead Kennedys’ song though, this seems like a nice place to be. (Sunday)

13. It’s a no-holds-barred mac and cheese cookoff, so look for Tom Scocca to show up with a steel chair. Dude has opinions on cheese food. (Sunday)

14. Presentation Party Night helps you learn about sci-fi drugs and serial killers and why you should never mix them.

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