Find rare books, Paul Auster’s Christmas spirit at the Brooklyn Holiday Book Fair

paul auster
Here is a man who looks ready for Christmas. via Facebook

Looking for that one original copy of Last Exit to Brooklyn or perhaps The Necronomicon? Do you have a friend who just goes nuts over rare and vintage books? Well then you guys should head to the Old Stone House this weekend for the Brooklyn Holiday Book Fair, which will feature a huge collection of rare, vintage and out-of-print books being sold by some of Brooklyn’s best independent booksellers. Plus Paul Auster, legendary man of cheer as you can see above, will be reading Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story.

The book fair will be on Saturday, December 7 from 11am to 5pm at the Old Stone House (336 Third Street, Park Slope) and will feature wares from Brooklyn Books, Enchanted Books, Freebird BooksHoney & Wax Booksellers, Open Air ModernP.S. BookshopSingularity & Co.Terrace Books, Unnameable Books and individual booksellers Joe Maynard and Tom Davidson. And not only that, you can also hear Paul Auster read Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story, which is a Christmas story that doesn’t involve Santa and elves and reindeer. You can see Harvey Keitel delivering it in dramatic monologue form here:

Given Brooklyn’s (and humanity’s we suppose) rich history of literature and printing, who know what cool things you’ll come across. Although if you do find an original copy of the The Necronomicon we suggest leaving it on the table.

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