Finally, you’ve got a chance to get drunk and hunt ghosts in Prospect Park

These days Slimer is chewing on artisanal bangers or whatever instead of dirty water dogs
These days Slimer is chewing on artisanal bangers or whatever instead of dirty water dogs

October as we all know, is the spookiest of months. The kind of month where reports of “something strange in the neighborhood” and “something weird that don’t look good” shoot up 78% according to city data. The kind of month where you might be seeing things running through your head or find an invisible man sleepin’ in your bed. All that being said, you’ve got a chance to prove you ain’t afraid of no ghost next week in Prospect Park, because Brooklyn’s newest and drunkest paranormal investigation team is hunting spirits and specters next week in the park. Be warned though, that this group of ghost hunters love two things: searching for ghosts and getting loaded.

The Brooklyn Paranormal Society does what any other ghost non-fearing group of pals does and wanders potentially haunted areas looking for ghosts and ghouls and otherwise malevolent spirits. Co-founder Anthny Long told Park Slope Stoop that while the group is mostly made up of inexperienced ghost hunters, they do have ghost hunting tech and also boast a couple of experienced ghost hunters among their ranks. The other thing they boast is a weakness for alcohol, as PSS notes that their stated goal on their About Us page is to “find ghosts while inebriated.”

You might like both of those things, so if you do, grab your flask and meet up with the group at Johnny Mack’s (1114 Eighth Avenue) on Tuesday, October 6 for a few drinks before heading out to Prospect Park for a ghost hunting expedition from 7pm to 10pm. Per the BKPS website, the stated goal of the evening is to hit up four different areas in the park where murders took place and see if any spirits haunt the murder sites. Laugh it off all you want, but we seem to remember a documentary where a group of ghost hunters got an audience with the mayor before saving the city from an apocalypse.

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