Finally, network TV-friendly Lena Dunham. Meet Emma Koenig

FULL OF FEELINGS. via The Observer

Being in your twenties is the most important thing that could possibly happen to you. It doesn’t even really matter what you do during your twenties, as long as you’re alive between the ages of 20 and 29, you’re interesting and the things you do should be marveled at and dissected. Fortunately, this underserved, invisible demographic is getting a fresh new voice, and one that won’t come with any nepotism sniping at all. Introducing Ezra Koenig‘s sister, Emma Koenig!

Emma, whose blog, Fuck I’m In My Twenties, has already been turned into a book sold at Romney hipster HQ Urban Outfitters, can add “television writer” to her resume now that NBC has optioned her book. The show is supposed to delve into what life is like for a twentysomething woman in the big city, which is something we’ve never encountered before. Koenig’s blog is full of neurotic musings on life, failures both professionally and personally and captures the mindset of a young person stuck living with their parents.

Emma had her story told in harrowing detail by a local newspaper, The New York Times, after her blog took off. The story traced her path from being an overqualified college grad with go-nowhere jobs in the East Village to superstar blogger, woven in with factoids about being a young person in 2012. Despite the fact that her parents were paying her rent in the East Village, it wasn’t all idle hands for Koenig though, as she worked each day at a sandwich shop. But her boss seemed to lack empathy for her situation: “She recalled the confusion on the face of the manager at the East Village sandwich shop where she was working at the time when she told him that she needed a book leave and that she was moving back to her parents’ house in New Jersey. ‘He was like, ‘O.K., whatever,’ ‘ she said.

Had he known he was letting a future literary star go, that manager may have begged her to stay. Of course, now that we’re speeding along towards a world where being a confused young woman of a certain age is what TV execs want, how can you cash in on this gravy train? Trawling Fuck I’m In My Twenties reveals some clues. You should make sure you’re full of feelingsSo many feelings. Make sure the quality of dudes you involve yourself with falls something short of “mediocre” even, and be whimsical even as you approach your thirties.

We wish Ms. Koenig all the luck in the world being the new object of ire for Gawker. Fortunately, she already has a thick skin and takes criticism well.



  1. Tim Donnelly

    FACT: New Girl is the best of the recent urban-girl-trying-to-figure-it-out wave, and I’ll stand and yell it from top a pile of $3.5 million book deals if I have to.

    • Cribbster

      Ridiculous. “Girls,” man. That’s a show. “New Girl” isn’t a show. “Girls” is a show. Lena Dunham got $3.5 million because she’s mad talented. I’ll allow you to disagree, but only because it makes my day a little better to know I’m right when others are wrong.

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