Finally, some good news: Marxists move to Downtown Brooklyn

The Marxists are coming, and they're organized. via Facebook
The Marxists are coming, and they’re organized. via Facebook

Dontown Brooklyn has been caught in capitalism’s rapacious jaws for quite some time now, with the latest blow to the neighborhood being its “next Midtown East” designation. If we’re going to be receiving Manhattan’s flotsam and jetsam on our shores, isn’t there anything fun that will come out of it? Finally, there is. Priced out of Manhattan, Marxist cultural group The Brecht Forum is making the move from the West Side to Atlantic Avenue. Watch your back, capitalism.

The news that the dedicated enemies of the profits-before-people ethos gripping our culture will be located of of the Hoyt-Schermehorn stop comes to us courtesy of The Villager. Like so many people before them, the board of the Brecht Forum found that the rents in Manhattan just got too damn high for them to operate. So, they found cheaper rent, but smaller digs, in Brooklyn.

The Brecht Forum, which will still host classes like “Historical Materialist Encounter With the ‘New Materialisms’ of Post-structuralism & Post-modernism & the Biopolitical — a Continuation of the History of Materialism Project” and beginner’s Spanish, will be doing it at The Commons (388 Atlantic Avenue). While the paid staff is dropping to just two, the Forum does welcome volunteers, Marxism being big on sharing and all that. Maybe a volunteer copywriter position to give them better class names? We thought Marxists were supposed to be good propagandists.

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