Tonight: Say goodbye to Southpaw at Punderdome (or you’ll be lefty-behind)!

Celebrity judge Eileen Reynolds of The New Yorker and the human clap-o-meter.

Park Slope venue Southpaw is closing at the end of this month and we’re all very sad about it. But instead of sitting at home crying into your faded memories of Park Slope past, you oughta come out to enjoy one last, particularly silly hurrah. Tonight is the last iteration of Punderdome 3000 in its original home (a new venue will be announced this evening). Not only is it a grand and goofy chance to show off your groaners and side-splitting wordplay that’s well worth the $5 admission fee, it’s become a popular outing for your favorite brokesters: you can see Conal Darcy, Eric Silver, Kelly Murphy and maybe even Mama Brokelyn herself all try to pun-k me out of my reigning Punderdome crown (and by “crown” I mean “12-piece blender set I won last time”); plus, it’s co-hosted by our new contributor Jo Firestone. Get there early because only the first 24 people to sign up can compete. I’ll include few puns to get you started (you were warned):


“Did you hear what happened when I gave Conal money to go to Cairo? Egypt me!”

“Eric thought he found a new cheap place to get beer behind the Trader Joe’s, but turns out it was just a Dumpster dive.”

Punderdome 3000, Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave., doors at 7:30pm. 

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