Final four shows at 285 Kent announced, featuring Fucked Up, Ava Luna and more

285 kent
Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham will roam shirtless at 285 Kent one last time

285 Kent may be one of the grossest places you have ever seen a show but you can’t help but love it. You know it’s true. Its untimely passing will drive a wedge in our hearts but that just means we have to send it out right. And, duh, they knew that too. Their “Farewell 285 Kent” shows were just announced, and they’ll featur national heavy hitters like Fucked Up and Dan Deacon and local celebs like Ava Luna and Laurel Halo. I would like us all to take a moment for a collective “ohmygoodnessyestheseshows.”

Every show on the docket except for the final show on January 19 has an unannounced special guest, so feel free to wildly guess based on who you think will best fit in with the lineups. The shows all start at 8pm, and are all ages, so if any of you teens want your homework done by a stranger, this is the time to ask.

The magic starts this Saturday, January 11, with Laurel Halo, Autre Ne Veut, Maxmillion Dunbar, Ital and Bookworms, which is a great kickoff to the celebration. With a solid electronic lineup, there’s no doubt you’ll be dancing your tears dry, before things will get a little more experimental next week on Friday, January 17. That’s when Dan Deacon, DJ Dog Dick, Dust, neo-soul weirdos Ava Luna, Tonstartssbandht and Uumans take the stage. I can already feel the sweat of everyone around me.

ava luna
Ava Luna will see 285 off as well. Photo by Emily Theobald, via Facebook

The final two shows will provide the rock and roll grunge that 285 Kent oozes from every pore. You start to get it on Saturday, January 18 when Wolf Eyes, Noveller, Alberich, MV Carbon, Lussuria and Sugarm plug in, turns up, and does all those other stereotypical rock and roll things that we know and love. Finally, there’s the last night, on Sunday, January 19. The funeral rites will be provided in heavy fashion, with Fucked Up, DIIV, White Lung, Guardian Alien and LODRO getting loud and louder and sending 285 Kent out right.

So, for those of you that are already feeling the loss don’t miss out on this last opportunity for greatness. For those of you who are just now spitting out your soda and exclaiming “285 Kent is closing?” shut up and pay your respect.

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