Lights, camera, auction! Stock up on cheap film props

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One of prop lots up for grabs Nov. 3.

We know you stalk those pink filming notices they post all over hoping to catch a glimpse of Mariska, Chuck Bass or Jonathan Ames (sorry, 2 Broke Girls is filmed in Los Angeles). Now, you might actually be able to own a prop used on one of their sets! If you’re interested in cool things like bar stools, tables, couches and random background decorations at super low prices, all benefiting a good cause, check out the Krrb and Film Biz Recycling event Lights, Camera, Auction on Nov. 3. Entry is $10, but once inside, the treasure trove of New York film and TV show sets is yours to ogle while eating $1 Oaxaca tacos, drinking free Brooklyn Brewery beer and jamming to live music.

All the barely used props were headed for the landfill, so you’ll be saving them from going through the traumatic second half of the film The Brave Little Toaster. Krrb and Film Biz Recycling have recruited talented Brooklyn-based designers to curate the “collections,” which they describe as “very unique,” and which will be sold by a real-life auctioneer (so the thrill of hearing someone speak that quickly is also included in the price). Film Biz also distributes a large portion of its items to local charities.

The event is on Nov. 3, at 7pm at Film Biz, 540 President St. in Gowanus. Find tickets and more information on this eco-conscious event  here, where you can also preview some of the items that are up for auction. Let the bidding wars begin!

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