Fight the V-Day blues with free Tuesdays at the Tea Lounge

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Love don't come for free. Comedy does.

By now, you should know the Tea Lounge holds weekly fun and free events every Tuesday night, including a story telling night hosted by our friend Kerri Doherty from sass-mouthed nabe blog F’d in Park Slope. But a terrible thing happens in February! There’s no show on Feb. 14! Sources tell us this might be because they are creating a holiday out of the Garry Marshall movie for that day. If true, we will report back with a list of cheap things to do that day, if you’re of the coupling variety. Until then, enjoy free comedy and storytelling shows, including guest storyteller Ted Travelstead of Vanity Fair  — and maybe you can holler at some non-baby holding singles in the Lounge while you’re there.

Feb. 7: Car Truck Boat Train – 8:30pm
It doesn’t matter how you get to this monthly comedy variety show. Once here, you’ll want to put down your bags and settle in for a night of improv, sketch, stand-up, clowns, music and whatever else happens along the way. This month’s featured guests will include improv groups Adam and Emerald and Sweaters, musician Matt Singer, and more! Produced by Brian Griffin and Ora Fruchter.

Feb 21: I Like You, Maude: StorySLAM with Featured Guest Storyteller Ted Travelstead- 7:30pm
I Like You, Maude was created for those with a desire to share their true, personal stories onstage. Anyone can put their name in the hat for a chance to tell a five-minute tale, without notes or paper, on any topic. And for having the plums to bare one’s soul, every storyteller wins a prize! This month’s featured guest storyteller is Ted Travelstead (Vanity Fair, Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk). Hosted by Kerri Doherty.

Feb. 28: Fresh Start Comedy – 9pm
Fresh Start encourages comedians to lay it all on the line… because if things go wrong, we give them —you guessed it — a fresh start. Hosts Mike Pomranz (blogger, Tosh.0) and Joe Zimmerman (The Beards of Comedy Tour) promise things will be better than before. Remember, this is the first show of the rest of your life. Fresh Start comedy has featured comics from Dave Letterman, Comedy Central and VH1.

Tea Lounge, 837 Union St., Park Slope.

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