Girl power of the press on display at Feminist ZineFest

Rachel and Sari from Hoax Zine are among the participants.

The air in Brooklyn has felt ultra heated this week. Between the mid-week’s mid-summer dream weather and the call to protest tv’s latest bastardization of an American sub-culture, my winterfied bones are all a-tingle again. And good thing, because the fiery magic continues tomorrow at Brooklyn’s first ever Feminist ZineFest. Writers, thinkers and artists will be converging on Brooklyn Commons to showcase their feminist works and overall radical bad-assery.

In case you thought zines were stuck in the 90s along with Portland and “The Rachel,” this event should help you remember why the smudged, error-strewn pages of a zine are the perfect tiny vessel for carrying big, wild ideas.  And whether your feelings on feminist zines are filled with a “my first time” level of nostalgia, or you’re still not certain what either means, this event offers ample opportunities for weighing the F-word on a different scale from the blogs and books you’re used to reading.

The event is free and will include live readings, beginning at 2 pm. Zines and artwork will be on display and available for purchase throughout the day’s event.

Brooklyn Feminist ZineFest, 1-6 pm, 388 Atlantic Avenue, between Hoyt and Bond.

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