The FDNY is offering free firehouse tours next weekend!

Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official firestation. via flickr user Joi Ito
Now you can relive your Ghostbusters fantasies at their official fire station. via flickr user Joi Ito

Haven’t you always wanted to pretend you were answering a five-alarm fire call? Suit up, slide down a giant pole, jump in a bright red truck and take off to save the day? Well, you probably can’t do all that without getting arrested. But you can see where all the magic happens. Gothamist reports that next weekend, on May 2, every firehouse in the city will be open to the public. 

The fire houses of Brooklyn and greater New York will be open to the public from 11am-3pm, according to Gothamist. Opening times will be staggered, so choose whether you’d like to attend in the morning block at 11am, or in the afternoon block at 1pm. Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics will be in attendance. It’s like getting to meet the real-life Justice League.

You can use this handy map on the FDNY website to locate your nearest fire house. You’ll get to tour the facility, see a few demonstrations, learn fire safety tips, and maybe even talk job opportunities. Hey, one day you may suit up after all! Get educated on May 2, so that next time you hear the sirens wailing their way towards you on a busy thoroughfare, you’ll know exactly what it took to get that truck out the door.

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