Fashionistas go plum-crazy at Purple Rain sing-along

prince-pennsyPurple Rain–a terrible movie and a freaking fabulous sing-along. Big props to whoever at Celebrate Brooklyn came up with this idea along with the purple-flecked masses who came from far and wide to join in last night. First up, Alley Getz and Renée DeMund (left) from Stroudsburg, PA. “I got this dress for a dollar at Salvation Army!” boasted Renée, an honorary Brokelynite for that. Click here for more random acts of violet.


Anita Gasaway from Chelsea and her Clinton Hill pal Nandini sparkled plenty in their last-minute getups. “We bought all this stuff at H&M on the way over,” Anita told us.


Nice ruffles! “I’m wearing a little girl’s skirt from Daffy’s around my neck—it was like $6,” confessed Jonathan Robles of Park Slope (above left), who brought Guitar Hero bandmate Damian Le from the East Village.


Terre Nichols (above) from Park Slope rocked violet and fuschia highlights. “For ten years my hair has always had purple in it in some way,” she said.


Fine, fishneted Anna Palin and her sister Phebe (above) discoed all the way in from Long Island.  “We’re the Palin sisters!” Anna said. “But we’re not related to Sarah!”


Michael Knight’s Prince ink was right on time.


Natasha Dennis brought her bad Top-Shopped self all the way from Birmingham, England. “I bought the earrings for $4 and the bracelets on Portobello Road for like $24 for both.”


Joe Chapman of Manhattan borrowed this purple pleather blazer from a friend. “He wore it as the Jesus character at a Big Lebowski festival,” Chapman said. The shirt was $60 on St. Marks Place. Dude! Sixty bucks? “I have a friend who likes to dress up as a pirate so I might rent it to him. He’s the same friend who lent me the purple jacket.”


Finally, a toast to Prince and his BK fans, courtesy of Miss Corinne Weiner of Prospect Heights and her grape Schweppes soda from a Key Food in Bed-Stuy. Less than $2 a bottle.


  1. Apollonia

    I saw the guy in the purple leather jacket on the F train on the way there. That is by far the most impressive get-up, simply by having access to purple leather without an extensive Google search.

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