Fabulously frugal Labor Day getaway ideas

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One of the great things about having a blog—aside from sleeplessness, the abject humiliation of Google ads and exacerbation of pre-existing ADD—is that people send you all kinds of links to sites you didn’t know about. One of our happiest new discoveries (really) is Jauntsetter, a travel site for women—no, not womyn—published by Dorothy McGivney, a former Google employee who cashed in her stock for tens of millions and went off on a trip around the world, thus gathering material for a travel blog.

picture-251Actually we made up the tens of millions, but if you don’t believe the travel-blog part, see Jauntsetter’s guide to Labor Day weekend trips, which has deals like the $90 rooms at Roosevelt Inn in Hyde Park (above), the $116-a-night rates at the achingly chic Donovan Hotel in DC and $164 roundtrip tickets on USAir to Somesville Maine, where rooms at the stately Claremont Hotel (right, so cute we wanna keep it for ourselves) start at $125 a night. And much more! We’re bookmarking this one.

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    • This issue comes up all of the time–one person’s frugal is another one’s splurge. I recognize that, for a lot of readers, booking any hotel at alll isn’t an option right now, while others will consider these reasonable. Have you ever seen a hotel room for $10 to $20 in this country? Or one for $60 where you actually want to stay? Of course, there is Priceline…

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