First look: The Williamsburg Urban Outfitters bar menu

They can't believe it either.
Finally, somewhere to outfit your mouth with hipness. (Photography: Marco Novak; picture: A BANDA MAIS BONITA DA CIDADE/Curitiba/Brazil)

As you may have heard, not only is Williamsburg getting that Urban Outfitters it’s always needed, but the company is applying for a liquor license to open a cafe within the store. Befitting any major destination drinking spot in Brooklyn these days, they’re going to have an extensive artisanal cocktail menu, which sources close to the company have leaked to Brokelyn. Presented for your perusal, an exclusive first look at the menu of Cafe Urban Outfitters: 

The Bushwick Mary: just a normal Bloody Mary, but it comes in a glass that says “Bushwick,” so it’s $32

BRKLYN Lager: Brooklyn Brewery Lager first shipped to the midwest for extra filtration, served to you after being watered down. Just $7 for a 12 oz. “pint”

Manhattan: normal Manhattan, but they send a bike messenger over the Williamsburg Bridge to get it from the Ace Hotel before serving it to you

Williamsburg Iced Tea: actually a Long Island Iced Tea, but fuck Long Island

The Tin Monkey: a screwdriver served in a glass shaped like an Olde English 40, mixed on a vinyl copy of Hello, Nasty

Urban Reserve Fernet (a product of Jagermeister Incorporated)

Shit My Dad Drinks –  A drink that’s based on a popular Tumblr that you never really drink, but buy for someone’s birthday and it just kinda sits on the bar in a slightly amusing glass. Can be served in a tumbler at your request

The Etsy Bitsy Biter –  A cocktail the Urban Outfitters bartender read about on Etsy and and repackaged for three times the price.

Vintage Fashioned – hodgepodge of opened bottles of random liquor found in a thrift store.

Keep Brooklyn Wired – Italian soda siphoned from original packaging, re-bottled in mexican Coke bottles, topped with an espresso liqueur floater, just like how those guys at the Social Club drink it.

The Instagram –  homemade liquor filtered through a dirty sponge for extra grittiness.

The Santorum Colada –  Frothy and discriminating!


Cobblesmoked Hot Pockets: $25 each; $5 upcharge for non-microwaved version

Fruit by the Foot. OMG remember the 90s?

Conflict-free Steak Medallions

Onion toe rings

Bacon-encrusted mole skins over rice

Free-range tofu

Sweet Tarts – comes in comically oversized 8-foot roll


The Diet A sandwich of all white bread, made of 95 percent hot air and little meat, served in a replica of your mom’s basement.

Hamburger bean bag chair –  Also an edible hamburger

The Bryce – Our take on Katz’s Reuben. Lots of extra mayo.

The Retro: A artfully distressed version of sandwich you once owned in 1989 and now costs three times as much

Jokes from Katrina Casino, David Colon, Tim Donnelly, Meredith Olson, Eric Silver and Cat Wolinski


  1. manposeur

    With those prices they are attracting all the douchie people(frat/sorority types, people from UWS & UES) who think Williamsburg is still radioactive zombie land. They arent trying to cater to the locals.

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