Evolved bodega cats, free New Museum admission (and more links)

New York City and State general election results from yesterday [New York Daily News]
Renovation of Batcave calls for 3 new floors of manufacturing facilities [Brooklyn Paper]
The City Reliquary’s new exhibition examines the art of trash in NYC [Untapped Cities]
Watch: The mesmerizing process of Bushwick’s Raw Chocolate [Eater]
Everyone should fear what happened to the Gothamist sites [CityLab]
This dude and his teddy bear invite you to appear on his Bushwick podcast [Bushwick Daily]
Yes, the number of chain restaurants in NYC is growing [Eater]
Bergen Beach playwright writes pumpkin spice parody musical [Brooklyn Paper]
Brooklyn jury finds 5Pointz developer illegally destroyed graffiti [New York Times]
New Museum will celebrate its 40th birthday with free admission [Curbed]

Behold: An evolved bodega cat gone rogue.

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