Everything you need to know before the Great GoogaMooga this weekend

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Photos by Ace Comparato.

It’s finally GoogaMooga weekend! At last we’ll have a verdict on whether this two-day thing in Prospect Park is going to be a massively annoying shit show or a totally epic party that will become an eagerly anticipated annual Brooklyn tradition. Whether you’re in Gawker’s profanely cynical camp or have FiPS masturbatory-level enthusiasm, either way we’re sure you have loads of questions. Well friends, we’ve got answers to help you go forth and Goog with ease.

Can I still get tickets?: If you are just now realizing that every single person you know will be there and still don’t have tix, after a last-minute ticket blast on Wednesday, GGM has no plans to release any more free GA tickets.

There are a buttload available for purchase and swap on Craigslist and eBay. Some people are giving them away, others are trying to make a buck ($1, $50, $80?!). But be extremely wary if you are going this route, people are buzzing about getting scammed. Do not accept paper or PDF tickets. Tickets must be transferred to you electronically on Eventbrite and even then there is a chance that the barcode has been duplicated. The code will work only once, so if you end up with a duplicate, you’ll be SOL. People are also swapping via @GoogaMooga on Facebook. And in our comments section! If you’re looking to get rid of/pick up a ticket, why not do it with a fellow Brokelyn reader below?

How do I get there?: For any out-of-towners that might not know, DON’T DRIVE. There’s no parking anywhere in or around Prospect Park and drinking and driving is stupid. Biking while intoxicated is also strongly discouraged, but if you are riding, there will be bike/scooter parking via valet.

Subway: Take the F or G to 7th Ave., 15th St./Prospect Park or Fort Hamilton Parkway; 2 or 3 to the Grand Army Plaza; Q, B or S to Prospect Park station. Bus: B41 or B71 along Flatbush Ave. to Grand Army Plaza or Ocean Ave.; B68 along Coney Island Ave./Prospect Park Southwest to Park Circle or Bartel-Pritchard Circle.

There are two entrances for General Admission ticket holders. The best place to enter the park by bike or foot is at 16th St. and PPSW and follow signs to Center Drive and Breeze Hill Entrances. The Extra Mooga VIP entrance is at Lincoln Ave. & Ocean Ave.

The beer tent.

When should I get there?: Gates open at 11am both days. It’s safe to assume there will be a clusterfuck line at the entrance gates. Stay calm people, you’ll probably be queued up most of the day. Download the Eventbrite app if you have not already done so for easy scanning of your code at the entrance gates. Or if you still don’t have a space phone, print it (attached to your confirmation email) and bring it with you. The code is key; you’re not getting in without it. Don’t sleep in! There will be loads of stuff to see, do, eat, drink, experience. Get there as early as possible so you can explore leisurely.

Can I leave and come back or am I trapped in there all day?: You can leave and re-enter the festival grounds BUT you must pick up a “re-entry ticket” from a supervisor stationed at the exit. And no line cutting folks; re-enterers wait in the regular entry line with everyone else.

Can I bring my kids?: Yes, GGM is family-friendly (as long as you’re cool with them being around lots of drunk people). Kids 5 and under do not need a ticket when entering with a ticketed adult.

What should I bring with me?: Your appetite, a reusable water bottle (not glass and containing water only) and a blanket (no chairs allowed). Check out the full list of stuff you can’t bring in including outside food, fireworks, frisbees and illegal substances (party foul). Your stuff will be subject to search upon entry. Unless you’re on the press list, don’t bring fancy cameras. You’ll have to go all the way home and drop it off and then wait in line again. Point and shoot only. Or just use your phone it’s so much easier.

What if it rains?: You get wet. Poncho party! Some areas of the festival grounds will be tented, others not so much. Personal umbrellas are allowed but not those giant golf ones that run everyone else off the sidewalk as you pass. Jerks.

The stage.

Can I start a tab?: NO! The vendors at GGM are cash only. There will be ATMs on site but it is HIGHLY recommended you arrive flush with cash.

I’m not GoogaMooga-ing, will my run/bike/blade/walk routine be interrupted by rowdy festival-goers?: Good question… GGM’s press people said the festival will not interfere with normal access to the park. But with 40k people herding in and out of the park all day long, there’s bound to be heavier traffic than normal. Might be a good idea to get that run in extra early this weekend.

What should I spend my hard earned dough on?: We’re not gonna talk food and drink as the entire New York media circuit has beat that one to death (see: Brooklyn Based, CBSNY, FiPS, NYT). Here’s what the Superfly dudes tell us they are most stoked for:

  • Rick Farman: Kasadela chicken wings
  • Kerry Black: Bacon Flight in Hamageddon
  • Jonathan Mayers: Sitting in the El CaVino during Hall & Oats eating a Luke’s Lobster Roll!
  • Rich Goodstone: Crawfish Monica
But the real question is what is what are the best values. The press people didn’t want to talk dollar signs, so we’ll have to wait and see what stuff really costs. We hear many of the vendors will have both tasting and larger options. Brokelyn will be live tweeting all weekend and we’ll keep you updated on where to splurge and what to skip.
Is there anything to do besides eat and drink?: YES! Although oral pleasures are certainly the central focus, there’s music and dancing and comedy and demonstrations and lots of other entertainment. Plan your itinerary in advance so you don’t miss anything and download the free official GoogaMooga app!

Ok, I think that about covers it. Are you guys excited?  Tell us what you’re salivating for in the comments!

Follow Brokelyn staffers @timdonnelly and @raeinbk as we tweet our way through the weekend.

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  1. Considering I did not get tickets to this damn thing, I hope it turns into a massive failure. However, if anybody is willing to let me prostitute myself for a ticket, I will gladly change my mind and sing this googleboogle’s praises.

  2. Haters wanna hate. This is Brooklyn after all. Having been to some of their other festivals, I have a feeling it’s gonna be great if everyone can just remain calm and enjoy spending a beautiful day in the park with amazing food, drink and live music.

  3. Pricing update: The app has lots of menu items that will be available, some with pricing. Soft shell crab sammy at Vinegar Hill House $11; Dirty duck dog at Craft $10; Pulled pork sammy at Dinosaur BBQ $6; Fried chicken bahn mi at Joseph Leonard $6; Pollo asado burrito at Calexico $8, etc… The app is pretty rad btw.

    • Very luckily snagged one ticket for free! So just looking for one more ticket for Sunday. Anybody want to help a broke student out? : )

  4. I’m going to try to go. Seeing as I didn’t print my ticket, this may be difficult. Also, I hate crowds. Hate hate hate. Honestly, the convenience of having all these great restaurants in one place is nice, but I’d rather just go to each one on my own when I can afford it, spend just a bit more money, and be able to enjoy the food without the craziness.

  5. Come on, fellow Brokelyn readers… HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW that you can volunteer at this festival?! I’m volunteering 8 hours on Saturday, but that gets me a full 100 bucks to spend on Sunday, stuffing myself with free food and listening to Hall & Oates. According to the volunteer lady, they *still need* volunteers. Just email her (info on site).

  6. Hey, if anyone has a swapsie ticket for tomorrow I’d be massively grateful – just shoot me an email. I’ll even come to Queens to collect!

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