Everyone wins: Skee-Ball, Brewskee-Ball settle copyright case out of court

Now for some celebratory free games for everyone, right guys? Right? via Facebook

As you know, alcohol and skee-ball combination Brewskee-Ball had recently been in a copyright fight to the death with the originators of Skee-Ball over whether or not Brewskee-Ball could use “skee-ball” in their name. The fight dragged on long enough that Brewskee-Ball had even started a “Skee the People” legal defense fund. Well, good news, because Skee-Ball and Brewskee-Ball have settled out of court, according to the New York Post. Everybody wins! Except for maybe a lawyer looking forward to a big payday.

The Post reports that according to papers filed in Brooklyn federal court, both sides agreed to not take the case to trial. Even better for fans of Brewskee-Ball, the settlement will allow them to keep their name, and not change it to something like “Brewskee-Roll Oblong Wooden Object Up A Plank Into Scored Holes.” Could you imagine having to put that on a t-shirt? So, while certain Philistines think that skee-ball isn’t a good time on a date, you’ll now be able to find out the truth (that it’s great date game) the next time Brewskee-Ball has a party around these parts, because they can focus on that instead of a new name.

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