Learn the history of partying and 17 other free things to do this week

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Yes, your weekends are too tame. via Wikimedia Commons
Yes, your weekends are too tame. via Wikimedia Commons

1. Check out the comedians lined up for Apocalypse Wow: Winter Wasteland and laugh as you endlessly shiver. (Monday)

2. Franklin Park Reading Series is celebrating its fifth annual Short Fiction Night with storytime and drink specials. (Monday)

3. Watch a documentary on Japanese immigrants in Latin America at Venezuelan Film Night. (Monday)

4. Watch Bart Simpson drive better than most New Yorkers can ever will at Simpsons Club. (Monday)

5. Use Beer Trivia Night to prove to the world that all the time you put in at bars has actually been important research. (Tuesday)

6. If your New Years resolution was to avoid repeating New Years Eve, you could always just learn about the history of partying instead. (Tuesday)

7. Learn which of your historical figure crushes would have blossomed into something beautiful if you’d been born in the right century. (Tuesday)

8. Hear about the history of reggae in NYC and other tales of urban life.  (Tuesday)

9. Find out how comedy and communism complement each other at Manifesto! (Tuesday)

10. Here’s another opportunity to add to your comic book factoid arsenal and geek out with some experts. (Wednesday)

11. Hear about philosophy, religion, time-travel, history and mystery as author Rachel Cantor discusses her new novel A Highly Unlikely Scenario. (Wednesday)

12.  Hear from the creators of web series High Maintenance at Late Night Basement at Pine Box Rock Shop, a Brokelyn-sponsored event. (Thursday)

13. Hear from the author of Shovel Ready why his novel isn’t your average garbage man turned hitman thriller. (Thursday)

14. Watch the story of four women who decide to change their rural village with a project to introduce adobe stoves. (Thursday)

15. Hang out with some of the city’s biggest comedy writers at Steamboat: A Literary Humor Series. (Thursday)

16. See how two artists translate the world’s chaos and uncertainty onto canvas at Brooklyn Fire Proof. (Friday)

17. The Park Slope Coop’s Reading Series takes a look at how people without a food coop can see improved food access. (Friday)

18. It’s too cold and dreary to not bring some Reggae into your night. (Friday)


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