Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene

Even more new funky art installed at BAM this week

Last week BAM got those swank new bike racks designed by David Byrne, today it installed what looks like urban streets-inspired sculptures on the side of the building. The sculptures are all interactive and have a newspaper box theme going on. That bee thing on the left is made out of a newspaper box that is gussied up like a honeycomb on the inside; the brain one in the middle opens like a hatch, and the one on the right is muy El Especialito. They’re bolted into the ground so these things aren’t going anywhere for at least some time. So what are they?

Well, we don’t know yet! It probably has something to do with this art project. But we reached out to BAM so we’ll update as soon as we have more info. Until then, stare at more pictures (sorry for the poor picture quality; I only have a 3GS GAH THE SHAME).



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