Our ugly building photo contest!

Photo by Alan Dickson
Photo by Alan Dickson

As we enter a new decade it’s important to look back on the past one and remember the good the bad and the ugly, and boy was there some ugly in Brooklyn. We’re talking, of course, about the detritus of the real-estate boom: the half-completed glass towers, the ham-handed “luxury” details, orphaned construction sites covered with scaffolding and graying plywood. Owing to the economy, that era in Brooklyn history is mostly past, and to cap it, we’ve decided to put together a little Brokelyn Ugly Buildings Contest pool on Flickr.

Is there an aggressively tacky edifice on your block that deserves a spot in our architectural hall of shame? Take a snapshot of that eyesore, and upload it to the pool. Enter as often as you’d like, but please stick to the subject at hand. Ugly mothers in law, pets and feet will kindly be rejected. Please put the address, or at least the street coordinates, of the building in your caption, along with whatever you happen to know about this place. The deadline is February 1. The winner will get an awesome “6 Million Dollar Home” bag courtesy of Adam over at the Crumpler warehouse in Brooklyn. It’s a great bag—valued at over $100—that will help protect your camera (from pissed off real-estate developers) and keep you looking stylish at the same time. Good luck!



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