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Broke and looking for a fun date night? It’s your lucky day. Theatre Development Fund (TDF) wants to help you take a friend to that Broadway or Off Broadway show you’ve been itching to see. Enter below for your chance to win $200 worth of TKTS gift certificates. (Forever alone? Take your mom!)

Whether or not you end up winning, you should know that you don’t have to fight your way through a zombie horde of tourists in Times Square to get discounted tickets. TKTS has a Downtown Brooklyn booth right by the Jay St-Metro Tech Station. As with other locations, TKTS Downtown Brooklyn sells discount tickets of up to 50% off full price to evening performances on the day of the show, but unlike TKTS Times Square, matinee tickets are sold only the day before the performance. The Downtown Brooklyn booth also sells tickets to performances at Brooklyn venues. For Brooklyn venues charging $30 or less, TKTS sells at full price to help those companies thrive.

For iPhone, Android, and Windows users, TKTS created a FREE app that shows you what’s available at the booth. Or, if you prefer, TKTS also lists all of that day’s deals live on their website. If you don’t think all of this is enough (really?!), they also offer an online ticketing service through TDF Membership. This membership gives eligible individuals access to even deeper discounts of up to 70% off full price. (There are specific eligibility requirements, though, so be sure to read through the full details.)

Have you entered to win yet? Did you download the app yet? Are you a TDF member yet? Is it that you hate live theater, or you just love paying full price?

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