Enjoy the right to free laughs and 11 other free things to do this week

The only independent monitor these cops need is a Laugh-o-Meter
The only independent monitor these cops need is a Laugh-o-Meter

1. The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies says “Hooray for Hollywood (history),” despite the fact that we all know it to be a cesspool of moral depravity (Monday)

2. In other film news, you can see carefully selected short films by local filmmakers at Videology. Perfect for those with short attention spans (Monday)

3. Find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex conference FemSexNYC but were afraid to ask. We bet you’ll need to ask a lot, because we’ve just heard of it too. WE MEAN we go all the time. Yeah, that’s it (Monday)

4. Six writers come to WORD to talk about the dread marijuana. Or how awesome it is, probably the latter (Tuesday)

5. Nitehawk sets up at Havemeyer Park for an outdoor showing of Chicago, the musical that we’ve been led to believe is about tough guys, brassy dames and bratwurst (Tuesday)

6. Have a Trivia Tryst at The Rock Shop. But shhh, be quiet about it or you’ll totally get dumped by your other trivia night (Wednesday)

7. Hit Brooklyn Bowl to check out a sneak peek of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the Andy Samberg-anchored sitcom set in a wacky Brooklyn police station where the only profiling the police are accused of is of the “styling and” variety (Thursday)

8. Think you’ve written the next Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well bring it to this table-read workshop at LaunchPad and find out how funny people really think it is. Maybe they’ll think it’s very funny! Non-funny scripts also welcome(Thursday)

9. Humor reading series Steamboat pulls into port at Greenlight again, so put on your best “salty sailor” beard and get ready for some laughs (sailor beard not required) (Thursday)

10. Haunted house child flick Insidious will scare you and your long-term ladyfriend/husband right out of that silly idea of having kids. Useful! (Thursday)

11. Greenpoint gallery Fowler Project Space hosts an exhibit that “investigates what it means to work in a collective today.” Sounds a little communist-y, but on the other hand, teamwork makes the dream work (Friday)

12. Mellow Pages hosts their second in a series of readings in which a writer reads someone else’s work. Welcome to Crazy Town, population: those wacky kids (Friday)

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