Watch the Women’s World Cup finals for free Sunday, under the DUMBO archway

Gooooooal! via DUMBO BID
Góoooooooool. Via DUMBO BID

Remember, kids, July 4th is only 24 hours long. After that it’s gonna be July 5, and you’re going to have to quiet down and expand your cultural horizons all over again. A great place to start is with the Women’s World Cup, since the championship final is happening this Sunday: USA v Japan!

Now all you need is a place to watch the game, and here we are bringing you news of one. The Dumbo BID is bringing back its free World Cup viewing party, at the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge. Since one of the teams is ‘Murrica, you’ll no doubt be among plenty like-minded fans in attendance. (Hey, so you might not have to expand your horizons, after all.)

Starting at 7pm, you can enjoy Sunday’s championship match projected onto a giant screen under the main archway in DUMBO.  Which archway, you ask complainingly? Oh, you know the one. It’s the one you’re always planted under with a thousand-yard stare, looking out over the East River and meditating on the way your life’s been going so far. But this Sunday, you’ll swap out contemplative solitude for hundreds of screaming fans echoing off the vaulted cement ceiling, chanting “USA! USA!”

All-ages, completely free, open to all. The only rules are no alcohol and no vuvuzelas. Other than that, feel free to bring picnics blankets and chairs. The Archway’s resident concession stand will be open selling drinks and snacks, too. This is an event not to be missed. Cups that are world cups only happen once every four years, and who knows where we’ll be in 2019? Probably colonizing Mars and living in a post-soccer universe with co-ed robot sports, that’s where.

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