Endure NYC’s most boring, offensive comedy and win cash this weekend

Well, maybe not THIS offensive
Well, maybe not THIS offensive

You there, do a bunch of spending on Christmas presents for your ungrateful friends and family, and are now looking for a quick way to replenish that bank account? There’s always the blood bank, but we’ve got another idea for you: sitting through some of New York’s best comedians doing the most boring and offensive comedy they can think of for a soul-crushing five hours on Sunday. If you survive it, there’s a cash prize waiting for you.

LAST TO LEAVE¬†goes down on Sunday from 5pm to 10pm at the Treehouse Theater (154 West 29th Street) and is described as a “Hands-on-a-Hardbody style competition.” Like the famous truck-touching competition, it will test the patience and resolve of even the most hardened individual. Now, you might be thinking you’ve survived some bad open mics since you’ve moved here, and no doubt all of us have. The difference here is that while leaving those awful shows carried no consequences, if you get up from this one, you lose the chance at winning both a bar tab AND cash and will have paid the $5 entry for nothing. Suddenly, deciding you’ve had enough is a crucial decision.

These aren’t just any comics either. Event mastermind Jo Firestone has put together a 35-person roster of some of New York’s best comics, like Brett Davis, Lorelei Ramirez, Anna Drezen and Sue Smith. Seeing as how they’ve all mastered the art of being funny, they probably have a ton of material they’ve left on the cutting room floor that will make you squirm, cough uncomfortably or want to check your phone. You can’t though! There’s no phone checking, no getting up to go to the bathroom or get a drink and no falling asleep. Just staring at the stage and praying that someone unintentionally does or says something funny. Think you can handle it?

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