End of days: The Trash Bar officially has a closing date

trash bar
Say your goodbyes while you can. via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

We’ve already said a few goodbyes to Trash Bar, from the moment we found out it was leaving to our brief anger at Cuba Gooding Jr. being the man behind the closure to cherished memories from people who’ve made their whole lives in the city based in part on working there. The one thing we haven’t known for sure is when exactly we were going to have to say goodbye to the place, but now a bar manager has reached out to tell us that the final days the door and filthy floor of the Trash Bar will welcome you is June 27.

At the moment, there’s not much known about the last day at the Trash Bar except for the date itself, and a prediction from the manager that “it’s going to be a shitshow.” The calendar on the website only goes up to May 31, but we’re hoping that as with other venues that have closed recently, the Trash Bar can put together one last run of great shows before we say goodbye to it. Especially since that move to Bushwick doesn’t sound like it’s going to result in the same kind of bar we know and love.

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