Woo hoo! Electronics recycling comes to Brooklyn

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One of our favorite spring rituals is piling up e-crap like our rotary cell phones and the Mac laptop that’s been dead since we tried to millennium-proof it 12 years ago. Then we put it in the corner until… next spring. This year IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT, we tell you, because GrowNYC is just out with their spring electronics recycling dates in Brooklyn, and they include Park Slope this Saturday (March 26), Clinton Hill, Dyker Heights, Gravesend and Cobble Hill. They’ll take computers, stereo components, TVs, phones, and more (full list here) and it’s tax deductible. So bye bye, Fire Wire, whatever you are. BTW, anyone have a better deal for printer-ink cartridges than Staples?

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  1. Re: Printer ink. Yes! Get them refilled. There is a place on Court St that does it, its near Bergen St. I dont know what its called but it has huge sign that says “Printer Ink Refills.” Black ink cost me like $6 last time I went, color is more, but still cheaper than buying it new.

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