Sunday, see eight flicks for the price of one at short film festival Block Bust

block bust
This robot will be there. Will you??

Remember the days of your wayward youth when you bought one movie ticket and hid in the back row so you could marathon every single movie on the schedule? It’s a sad state we’re in now that we can’t watch everything we want without going broke. We love options! We just wish our wallets could keep up with us. If you miss going to the movies and believe that you really can have it all, check out Block Bust, a pop-up film festival held September 7, 7pm at Williamsburg Cinemas (217 Grand St).

For $10, you can watch eight short films by New York indie filmmakers that cover everything from rebellious Smoke Bomb Boys to predictions of the future with Lunar. Here, check out a trailer:

Block Bust! Trailer from Ryan Garretson on Vimeo.

Were you not entertained? Ten bucks to watch eight films and support local artists, we’re all about that. Once the credits stop rolling, top off your night with a no-cover after party held at Larry Lawrence (295 Grand St). Each of the 13 filmmakers involved in Block Bust will be there to discuss their films and tell you what it all means. A night out to the movies never looked so good.

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