Effort underway to co-name LES corner after the Beastie Boys

paul's boutique
Hey ladies in the house get involved in civic participation and change a street corner name

The Beastie Boys already have one member of the group, with Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights. Of course, given their impact on music history, it’s probably fair that someone’s asking for more for them, and to that end, Leroy McCarthy, who’s also known for his efforts to get a Christopher Wallace Way¬†in Brooklyn, is trying to get the corner of Ludlow and Rivington Streets co-named after the Beastie Boys. We may as well act on this now, before someone tries to name it after Julian Casablancas in thirty years.

Why Ludlow and Rivington? That’s the corner where the cover picture for the Beastie’s classic¬†Paul’s Boutique was taken. Paul’s Boutique itself is gone now, surprisingly not replaced by a bank. But McCarthy still feels like it would be the best place to honor the Beasties, by co-naming the corner “Beastie Boys Square.” Those of you who want to see it happen would be better served calling the community board that covers the corner rather than signing the petition, since the fate of the idea rests with the community board. If you don’t live there, just get someone you know to lobby the board on your behalf. And if you don’t know anyone, just stop someone on the street around there and see if they’ll do it, we guess.

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