Edit the Atlantic Wire and seven other sweet jobs

Can you find sad examples of shutdown-related images? The Atlantic Wire wants you! via the Atlantic Wire
Can you find sad examples of shutdown-related images? The Atlantic Wire wants you! via the Atlantic Wire

The government shutdown may have cost the economy $24 billion, but now it’s over and the country’s economy hasn’t been destroyed. Unfortunately, that means you still need money and a job, but fortunately for you, we found some great jobs around the internet that you should apply for now.

The Atlantic Wire is looking for a “savvy and energetic” editor to join their ranks. That’s no exaggeration. They want someone obsessed with news who is comfortable under high-pressure. So proudly uneducated, slothful types should probably skip it.

You may think that advertising a job working for a city council nominee is a little presumptuous before the election. But then again this is New York, so it’s a safe bet this Communications Director job will exist in a month.

Think print is dead? Not in advertising it isn’t. Uncommon Goods wants an uncommon graphic designer for their catalog and print campaigns. You’ll be doing layout, pre-press coordination, and maybe lost cat posters. Get your portfolio in order and send it on to to them, artists!

Are you one of those rare types who excelled at both English and Math? Then Springer Science+Business Media may want you to be their Associate Editor in Mathematics. These aren’t text books — you’ll probably be working with some of the top math theorists in the country, so you better know your Euclidian from your non-Euclidian geometry.

Love crafts and Christmas? Martha Stewart Living is looking for an Associate Crafts/Holiday Editor to help put together articles about putting stuff together. For God’s sake, just don’t mention blogging.

VICE is looking for a senior editor to head up their slightly-more-adult VICE News section. Don’t let the title scare you off — they only require a minimum of two years experience in a daily news room. We’re pretty sure they also don’t want people over 65.

The City of New York needs someone to rap with the youth. As a Teen Specialist Associate, you’ll be responsible for fostering dialogue with young parents in foster care to better find out how the Aministration for Children’s Services can better serve them, and change any negative perceptions the world might have of them.

True story: I once had a 30-minute conversation with a former editor of Elle magazine while under the impression she worked for The L magazine. Make sure you get that straight when you apply to be an associate web editor at L Elle.

And, naturally, if you like writing (and free breakfast) and Brooklyn (and free breakfast), you could always write for us.


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