Eat and drink the best of Bay Ridge at the Total Bay Ridge Immersion

Get out there and...sit down and drink outdoors at Lock Yard. Via Facebook.
Get out there and…sit down and drink outdoors at Lock Yard. Via Facebook.

Summer is here¬†and that means it’s time to wander around somewhere with a pleasant buzz and a full belly, right? Right. At least that’s what we like doing during the summer. It’s even better if someone lays out the stroll for you, because it’s too damn hot to think.¬†Lucky for you, the Total Bay Ridge Immersion is coming up and that means that Brooklyn Based has laid out exactly where in Bay Ridge you should go to get that buzz and full belly, and it looks like they picked some good spots.

With the Total Immersion, you pay $25 upfront, so that when Saturday, July 18 rolls around, you get an envelope full of what Brooklyn Based calls “Walking Around Money.” It’s kind of like Itchy and Scratchy Money, except it’s actually taken at all of the places advertised as being part of the Immersion. That means that you’ll have vouchers for four beers (from Lock Yard, Kettle Black, Tie Dye Pig and The Angry Monk), along with a food voucher for a meal at one of the bars.

PLUS you get coupons for deals around the neighborhood like 20% off any goody at Robicelli’s, 20% off any normally-priced book at Bookmark Shoppe and other neighborhood shops. Oh, and you’ll be able to buy a South Brooklyn and Rockaway Beer Book at the Total Immersion too, just in case you fall so in love with wandering around Bay Ridge getting drink deals that you want to do it more often than just this one weekend.

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