Time-saving subway hack: Pre-walk all day

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Time is money in New York City, and you’re most likely short on both. Gothamist points out this Daily News  story today on a study that confirms a sweet hack you can do to separate yourself from the rest of the clueless transit masses: The most crowded cars are usually the ones at the front of the train, or right next to the stairwells, while the ones in the rear have a lot more breathing room. No duh, you say? Not when you think how many people just stop right at the bottom of the damn stairs. Learn the super secret art of pre-walking and you’ll be on your way to full Subway Jedi status.

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  1. I am so glad there is an article about this. I pre-walk all the time and most people think I’m crazy. IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL.

    • Me too! My boyfriend always huffs and puffs but we’re usually on the least crowded car which he can’t complain too much about. It’s also important to note that if one car in the middle is mostly empty when all other cars are packed. THat usually means the AC isnt working on there’s a particularly smelly vagrant on that car.

  2. It really depends. As a 6 train rider since (nearly) birth, the very first cars are always less crowded than the last few, the middle/stair cars obviously being the worst. Now, the G train is a whole other story. It’s so short, it’s hard to get your pre-walk on!

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