Dudes: You have another chance at cheap literary speed dating

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Future literary speed dating superstar. via Flickr user Micah Taylor

The question has been explored here before, and we’re not going to spend time rehashing it, but we will wonder aloud what exactly the deal is with Brooklyn dudes and singles events. It’s like a girl has to carry a net with her on the street if she wants to get a date. Case in point: despite Tim publicly shaming guys this past winter, a new iteration of speed dating is offering guys looking for girls a special discount just for showing up.

I Like Your Glasses is returning to Housing Works on October 23 for more speed dating for nerds. And once again, they’ve found themselves having to put women on a waitlist while offering guys a discount for the privilege of meeting these girls who primarily identify themselves by their interest in literature and heterosexual men. Jesus Christ guys, what’s it take here? The normally $15 ticket is being reduced to $12 for dudes if you enter the code GATSBY while ordering your ticket. Just keep in mind that eventually women are going to lose patience with cowardly guys and just figure out another way to get emotional fulfillment/propagate the species.

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