Andrew WK playing the drums for 24 hours in Times Square

It's time to drum!
It’s time to drum!

Like we’ve said before, we’re huge fans of Andrew WK, even if our coverage of him has usually been skeptical. But, he loves to party, we love to party, our interests pretty much fall in line. And his newest stunt, sitting outside in Times Square and drumming for a full 24 hours starting tomorrow, is something we can definitely get behind.

As part of the O Music Awards, which celebrate digital music apparently, Andrew WK is going to post up at the Oakley store (Broadway and 44th Street) at 7pm tomorrow in the heart of New York City, Times Square, and play the drums for 24 consecutive hours. Ostensibly he’ll be doing it so to promote his candidacy for “Must Follow Artist on Twitter,” but as with most things Andrew WK-related, who the hell really knows why he’s doing it, short of the fact that it sounds like a party.

If you want to kill some time at the office, you can watch him attempt the feat at the O Music website.¬†And you might want to actually head to Times Square on your lunch break to see if he’s gotten completely delirious. Hopefully though, you don’t end up stopping by while he takes a brief break to wipe himself down with some sex wipes.

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