Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival landing here

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Just another totally normal day in the universe of Phillip K. Dick

Who doesn’t love Dick?

Come hither, dystopian science fiction loving friends! The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival is back for it’s second year and it is jam packed with spacey, science-y goodness.┬áThe festival will feature a few Dick inspired feature films, as well as a slew of shorts from all over the world. If you’re thinking that you’ll just be seeing another screening of Minority Report or Blade Runner, you’re at the wrong festival.

The festival starts Friday, December 6 and runs until Sunday, December 8 at IndieScreen (289 Kent Avenue) in Williamsburg. The three major features shown at it will be The Final Equation (2009), Thanatomorphose (2012), and Vessel (2013). Each of these films are inspired directly by, or in the spirit of, Philip K Dick. You can bet decent money that they will at least horrify you, if not make you think very deeply about your feelings towards rotting flesh.

On top of the three features, there are two dozen film shorts that will be screened over three days at the festival. Most of showings take place after 7pm, so you can do all your boring weekend errands before being flung into a world of aliens, futuristic socities and metaphysical wonders.

A three day all-access pass is only $55 (this will get you into all the shorts and the features), but if you want to view on the cheap there are day passes that will get you in from $9.99 to $18, depending on if you want to have access to the feature for that night. You can get your paws on tickets at the festival’s website.

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