Downtown getting nice new park along with rebranding, finance bros

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Can’t you see yourself enjoying the sunshine there? via The New York City Economic Development Corporation

Downtown Brooklyn, as we all know, has already been cursed as “the next Midtown.” It looks like that prophecy is coming true with an influx of JP Morgan finance bros on the horizon. Plus, people are calling it “DoBro,” which…let’s please not. So, is there any good news for Downtown Brooklyn? Well, here are some renderings of a nice park it’s gonna get, so there’s that.

Willoughy Square, as the park is known, is going to be located on Willoughby Street between Duffield Street and Gold Street. As Build A Better Burb points out, this park is ten years in the making, and what’s interesting about it is that it will on top of a below-ground parking garage run by robots. Terrifying parking robots. Well, that and the fact that it’ll be an acre of green space that could be an oasis from the ugly glass residential towers and hotels that are going up in the neighborhood and that it’s apparently going to have a tribute to the Underground Railroad.

Finally, a place around here you can take your friends from the South, park them in front of and make them sit and feel bad about things. At least you’ll be able to in 2016, when the park is supposed to open, if we make it that long.

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