DOT to lovebirds: Quit locking up the Brooklyn Bridge

love locks
Little did Madison know she caused a massive car accident. via Flickr user Robert Hoge

Despite what you might think, the odds are that your relationship won’t last forever. Even if it goes until the end of your life, you die, and then that’s that. So we get it, you buy a Masterlock or lock of some sort and attach it to the Brooklyn Bridge, to leave a permanent memorial to the person you used to bone. The problem with this, according to the Department of Transportation, is that you’re killing the bridge, so they’d like you to please stop doing this. Plus, they’re pretty sure this won’t save your failing relationship anyway.

ABC News reports that the DOT is trying to get the word out to people that maybe posing for a picture kissing in the bike lane is a much more preferable way to show your affection compared attaching a lock with your initials carved in it. This is because the locks wind up weighing down the bridge’s guardrail (though not the bridge itself…yet), cost money to remove and also help corrode the bridge.

They’ve even taken the step of using their Facebook page┬áto ask people to knock it the fuck off, pointing out not only the problems we just mentioned, but that the locks sometimes can just fall off on their own and could hit cars driving across the bridge. So listen to the DOT kids, and restrict your relationship’s destructive tendencies to just you and your significant other.

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