Don’t want to cook on Memorial Day? Hit up a ‘bar’-becue

Sometimes, you just want someone else to do it
Sometimes, you just want someone else to do it

Memorial Day marks the official start of the wonderful season known as “grilling season,” where it finally becomes acceptable to gorge yourself on grilled meat (or vegetables, we guess) while lying shirtless in public. Of course, you might not have the barbecue skills of the piece of prime 100% beef seen above. Or you just don’t want to bother with effort, because vacation. In that case, why not let these Brooklyn bars feed you and get you drunk on Memorial Day.

Soft Spot
128 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

The Bedford Ave. spot celebrates America with American food: burgers and hot dogs all day starting at 3pm. And don’t worry, they’ll be opening at noon so you can start your drinking plenty early.

Brooklyn Fireproof
119 Ingraham Street, Bushwick

If you want some music with your food, Brooklyn Fireproof will be more than happy to accomodate. The menu will have burgers and dogs, and their vegetarian equivalents, along with 13 different acoustic performers curated by the Potion Collective.

Lp ‘N Harmony
683 Grand Street, Williamsburg

Of course, acoustic music might be a little too quiet for people who want to spend their extra weekend day getting rowdy. In that case, might we suggest Lp ‘N Harmony, where a handful of dance DJs will be spinning, and plenty of meat will be grilling. Buy a drink and you get plenty of food to wash it down with, which should keep you from the biggest threat to enjoying drinking: too much of it on an empty stomach.

South 4th Bar
90 South 4th Street, Williamsburg

$4 pints of Harpoon Raspberry and Long Trail Belgian White, a bunch of free food, all in the confines of an honest-to-god Williamsburg neighborhood bar will make you wish it was Memoria Day all the time. Well, that and the whole “no work” thing.


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