Don’t Force your answers: Supercollider holding ‘Star Wars’ trivia May 4

supercollider star wars trivia
Christ man, you just got once question wrong, take it easy.

‘Sup nerds. Everyone furious or excited or just plain confused about the Star Wars cast photo that came out today? We’re busy working on our Adam Sackler/Jaina Solo fan fiction that we’d oddly been writing before the news came out today, but for those of you who want to get in on some Star Wars action NOW, you can go to Supercollider (609 4th Avenue, Park Slope) for Let the Wookie Win, a night of Star Wars trivia that only covers the original trilogy.

Yep, that’s right, it just covers the original trilogy. So if you’re the kind of person who’s gone to court because you punched someone who said “The podrace scene was pretty cool,” or you just don’t care for the Expanded Universe, this is the trivia for you. Nothing but questions about Episodes IV, V and VI, with the exception of one question about the Holiday Special. So make sure you know who the likes of Lobot and Nien Nunb are, and also remember what it was that many Bothans died to bring the Rebellion. Honestly, if you ask us, it’s too damn easy to not force people to know things about the Thrawn Trilogy, the Jedi Academy books or Darth Caedus, but some people are better nerds than others.

It all goes down on Sunday, May 4 at Supercollider at 7pm. You can have a team of up to 6, with an entry fee of $5 per player. And you best be on your game: this is a winner-take-all trivia event. Coming in second might make you feel good, but like that famous game of sabacc in which Han Solo the Millennium Falcon, there’s only one winner.

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