Don’t be a dick and 20 other ways to spend the weekend

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An example of being a dick

1. If you liked Clue so much you want to shake the director’s hand, well check it out: Jonathan Lynn will be at this screening of the movie (Friday)

2. Billy Martin, of Modeski Martin and Wood, is having a 50th birthday bash and you’re all invited to come and see the jam maaaan (Friday)

3. You could also pay five bucks to see ten bands. Who are the bands? Who cares, you’re paying fifty cents per band! (Friday)

4. Fondly recall the days of Lindsay Lohan trying to move into serious actressing by checking out this showing of I Know Who Killed Me (Friday)

5. The Cobra Club isn’t having just any Halloween dance party, they’re having a zombie prom, so you being covered in blood and grime will finally look normal (Saturday)

6. The Friends of the Greenpoint Library are having a bake sale to raise money for the library. Of course, just like the library, you have to give the food back after two weeks or pay a fine (Saturday)

7. This Halloween pub crawl is a great excuse to go to bar after bar on Atlantic Avenue without anyone judging you. Finally (Saturday)

8. The Wyckoff House is having a Halloween Harvest Festival. Is what they’re really harvesting souls? Only one way to find out! (Saturday)

9. Go to Red Hook, eat a lot of oysters, drink a lot of beer, be very drunk and horny, see where it takes you (Saturday)

10. Go on a Halloween scavenger hunt. Don’t worry, they don’t want you to find anything gross like bodies or the magic of teamwork. We think (Saturday)

11. How Not to Be A Dick is having a release party, so if you’ve ever wanted to clear up questions as to whether or not you were being a dick, this is the place to do it (Saturday)

12. Giant spooky art installation with a Misfits cover band? Be still, our beating, bloody hearts (Saturday)

13. You could also do a show that features the band dressed up as characters from Planet of the Apes. Hope it doesn’t get too crowded or else we’ll have blown it up (Saturday)

14. Unlimited drinking from kegs plus a dance party. This will end very well (Saturday)

15. The folks at Brooklyn Tap House are getting wild for the night, which means dance party, costume contest and overall mayhem (Saturday)

16. The Brooklyn Historical Society is here to remind you of the evils of surveillance everywhere with a number of weird old surveillance-based films (Sunday)

17. Hey women and trans-humans: Build It Green!NYC wants to teach you all about cabinet repair and power tools. After your done, can you come by and fix one of our cabinets? (Sunday)

18. Branded is having a short film festival with only horror movies. So you’ll be scared, very quickly, over and over again (Sunday)

19. Remember the’s, of Kill Bill fame? Well they’re playing the Bell House, so the chances are better than ever for an awesomely choreographed fight to break out (Sunday)

20. Lenny Bruce and Groucho Marx may be dead as hell, but you can see some great comedians do sets as them at Schtick or Treat. And if they don’t care for the impressions, maybe they’ll come back from the dead to say so (Sunday)

21. Think you’re the top dog beer geek around? Well then prove it at beer geek trivia (Sunday)

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