This Park Slope co-working space is offering $1 desks to local journalists

If you’re not in media, then the crushing weight of the current environment for local journalists probably hasn’t seeped into your soul to quite the same degree. If you are in media, then you likely understand on a personal level how uncommon it is to catch a break, and the fact that good industry news, no matter how small, should be held like a pocket warmer close to your heart.

In direct response to both the recent shutdown of Gothamist and DNAinfo by anti-union billionaire and Trump supporter Joe Ricketts and the general rough state of local journalism today, the owner of co-working space Park Slope Desk is offering former DNA and Gothamist employees, as well as other local Brooklyn journalists, a special $1 membership through the winter.


Photo via Park Slope Desk

In a press release, owner Cosmo Lee wrote of his decision to offer the deal, “…important stories that do wind up being carried by large publications are often uncovered by local journalists. They play such an essential role, covering community events and holding our local authorities accountable.”

The offer is open to, “journalists who work for local area publications” in addition to former DNA and Gothamist staff.

If you’re not a current local borough journalist and a ridiculously wealthy man didn’t shut down your newsroom earlier this month, then rates start at $100/month for a small desk with evening access and an hour of conference room time (this is part of a limited-time grand opening rate offer).


Photo via Park Slope Desk

Park Slope Desk is located at 501 11th St. – the former home of the restaurant Applewood, and before Applewood the home of Blah-Blah Lounge, which was owned by Lee, Brooklyn Vegan recalled.

The space is a former carriage house and features 50 desks in both partitioned and open areas. There are also phone booths and a lounge area, printing, scanning, laminating (!!!), ergonomic chairs, and a kitchen full of unlimited free coffee. The internet service is also allegedly very fast, according to Park Slope Desk’s website.

The space is open from 8am to midnight with later hours “upon demand.”

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