BK wrestlers to us: You’re stupid!

Warriors of Wrestling 2ITEM LAST UPDATED TUESDAY, 12:21 AM: We have no idea what Warriors of Wrestling is, but from the looks of this video, it’s a bunch of cheeseball amateurs of varying ages/day jobs/BMIs doing reverse pile drives at the Brooklyn Lyceum at 227 4th Ave. (Union Street) tomorrow night. Anyway, we could be all wet on this one, but the “Empire State Death Match” looks charming in a slightly-embarrassed-for-these-guys kind of way. Tickets are $15 (or $20 for front row, God help you). Doors open at 7 and the bell rings at 8. Click here to see the whole promo video in all of its low-rent glory.


  1. TWong

    Have you ever taken in an independent wrestling show? Do you think those names you see in WWE or TNA just appear there? The independent circuit is where all the top names of today got their start. Working for shows just like this and putting their heart into what they do from a packed house to hardly anyone in the seats. Just as an actor would in off Broadway shows or an athlete in the minor leagues. I was amongst one of the sold out to standing room audience members that did take the time out to see this show. It was one of the most top notch shows I have seen in a long time. The set up was professional with a HUGE screen that played entrance videos and the entertainment was in fact BETTER then what I have seen on television in a very long time. These guys put on a show that had the audience entertained from beginning to end. The roar and chants throughout were deafening at times. Just as it is obvious these guys take pride in learning their craft to put on a professional show, you should take note and learn your craft on being an unbiased would be event reporter with no substantial reference to what you are talking about.

  2. Okay, I guess the post did sound a bit snotty (cheeseball amateurs, etc.) and I sincerely apologize to any meatheads I may have offended. But have you watched the video? It really is hilarious. That said, I promise to go to the next death match and witness this athleticism for myself. Or at least send an intern.

  3. Hey Faye, nice backhand with the apology and “meathead” comment. I hope the low rent comment wasn’t a dig since you bend on principles to buy cheap make up and half priced teal booties….Seriously, why post the article when you’re going to take pot shots at some hard working folks? Thanks for being judgmental and a hack writer…

  4. TWong

    Quite the (in)sincere apology to what you would call us “meatheads.” I did see the video. Was it the quality of a WWE show? By no means was it. But when you lack the funds of a major company, you do what you can to have you work seen. The efforts should be commended, not made fun of. I’m not saying you need to be a wrestling fan by an means. However, just as you are here. A barely read “column” site to get your feet wet in an effort for a more credible writing opportunity. When you think about it, you’re in the same position these people are. Doing what you can to make it. Moral of the story is “Get off your high horse.”

  5. Antonio Rivera

    Hey loser! Find a fed in NY better than WOW. As a matter of fact, your stupid posting was just that STUPID. There were no facts told. Everything you posted was your opinion because you’re stupid. Let me educate you with some facts: 1) You’re stupid 2)WOW locker room is the best 3)Video quality is getting better 4) You’re stupid 5)WOW is very entertaining and has a whole lot of happy wrestlers that will do anything to make the fans happy. 6) You’re stupid

    There’s alot more facts but due to the fact that you’re stupid, you won’t be able to follow.

  6. OK boys, lighten up! You guys practice half Nelsons, I practice trying to be funny. I obviously need more practice. I’ll think about everything you guys said, except the thing about the WOW having the best locker room (?) That part I don’t want to think about.

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