Do your best Danzig and 12 other free things to do this week

Do it with your shirt off for added authenticity.
Do it with your shirt off for added authenticity.

1. Honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream at BAM’s tribute to him (Monday)

2. Or by laughing along with Richard Pryor (Monday)

3. OR by learning improv. Little known fact: MLK was big on improv (Monday)

4. Check out some culture trivia sponsored by HuffPo. Make sure you know what time the Super Bowl starts (Tuesday)

5. Authors get together at WORD and talk about Bruce Springsteen. Look for Tim to hang out in the back and scream that they’re wrong (Tuesday)

6. The Secret Science Club delves into the mysteries of the Universe. Without a six-foot bong (Tuesday)

7. Wes Andeson bingo visits the world of Moonrise Kingdom, so get your khaki scout outfit ready (Tuesday)

8. The Gold River dance party comes to Bushwick, which is a good change from a place only used to bronze rivers (Wednesday)

9. Do your best Danzig at heavy metal karaoke. Or your worst, it’s karaoke after all (Wednesday)

10. Welcome Brooklyn Industries to Ditmas Park (Thursday)

11. Celebrate independent publishing at Greenlight Books (Thursday)

12. Get a date and bring him to a discussion on Bradley Manning. It’s fine, anyone who’s not a civil libertarian isn’t worth sleeping with (Friday)

13. Show some love to Halfway Hamilton, a Detroit artist who somehow made it to Brooklyn from the phantom zone that is Detrois (Friday)

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