Dirt cheap Brooklyn Bridge paint for sale!

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It’ll be like you live on the bridge! via Flickr user Steve W Lee

Redecorating your apartment? Bought a place and want to throw paint at the walls just because you can? Just want to own a piece of Brooklyn ephemera? All of those sound like great ideas, but here’s the thing: paint costs money (and so do collectibles), and after shelling out for it, you’re not going to be in the mood to waste it. But what if you got cheap paint? And that cheap paint was supposed to paint the iconic span that is the Brooklyn Bridge? Well good news: now you can!

The city has a surplus of “Chocolate brown” and “Aluminum green” paint that was set to be used to touch-up the bridge, a Transportation Department spokesperson told the Times. But the city didn’t need it, and after sitting on the shelf for ten freaking years, they’ve decided to auction it off to the public.

There are two things you should note here: the first is that the auction only lasts another 4 hours as of 11am today, so if you want this paint, act fast. The second is that you’re going to be getting A LOT of paint if you win an auction. You may look at an $86 price tag and scoff, but keep in mind that’s for 25 five gallon buckets of paint. That will keep you set on paint for life probably. Hell, your kids will probably be able to use it, unless after awhile it thins out to some kind of weird soup. But then it’ll be their problem.

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